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Sertifikuotas: Työterveyslaitos (FIOH), Finland, no 0403
Kokybė: Atitinką EN13356 standartą
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Reflector is a valued promotional gift – a product that is known to help road safety and save lives.

At our silk screen press, we can print almost anything on the reflectors: a logo, trademark, company name etc. One or several colours can also be printed. In prism reflectors, the printing is done on the reflector surface. Besides our large ready-made selection, we can also customise our reflector models. Individual prints and shapes will be produced with solid experience, always in compliance with safety regulations.

Atšvaitas sertifikuotas:
Notified body no 0403
Työterveyslaitos (FIOH)
Topeliuksenkatu 41 a A
FIN-00250 Helsinki, Finland